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My name is Tanya, and I have Multiple Sclerosis. It’s a condition I have, but it doesn’t define who I am or what I aspire to do. I’m still a writer and an artist and a singer and a dancer and a drafter and a sister and a daughter, even if I’m not dancing as much or doing as much Yoga as I used to. I’ve learned to create a positive attitude, and I really believe that’s the first step to healing! Since my diagnosis I’ve been simplifying my life, to make sure I can get done everything that needs to be done, while still having time for the things I really want to spend time on. I realize that’s a goal for most people, but dealing with the sometimes debilitating fatigue that is such a common symptom of MS has made me really, really aware of what I’m willing to spend time doing. I’m finally at a point at which I feel like I can have a real life again! Now, I want to share my story and my knowledge to help other people.

After my diagnosis, I started examining my life and my expectations. I have always expected a lot of myself, probably more than anyone else did. I think the most important thing I did was learn to love, accept and TRUST my body and brain again. Learning to relax was also a very, very important step for me, especially since exhaustion is such a problem. It’s much easier to fall asleep when you’re relaxed. I’ve also studied meditation and energy healing techniques as alternative therapies, and unexpectedly became a certified energy healer in two different modalities. Also, in an effort to keep me with a roof over my head and food in my belly if something happened that caused me to not be able to work at a normal day job, I want to learn all about the stock market and trading Options.


This site is my therapy, my way of expressing what I’ve learned, and also allows me to be held accountable (by YOU) to continue pushing myself to learn and do more. I don’t want to allow myself to use MS as an excuse to be less than I know I can be. And I don’t want other people with MS out there to feel like they’re alone, or that they have no one to talk to. There are so many amazing resources for this really confusing condition! I want to lead you to those resources, and hopefully be one for you myself.


I’d love to hear your ideas, comments, questions, or suggestions. Just leave me a message below, or reply to any of my Blog posts! You can also follow me on Twitter, or check out my Facebook Fanpage!


6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Great information in an easy-to-read format. It’s really nice to read something that gets right to the point and doesn’t waste time with a bunch of hype.

    These tips are valuable for people who have or care about someone with MS, but it also is useful for people with other conditions.

    Definitely worth more than you are charging!

  2. Your blog looks great! Useful for people who want to understand the condition as well.

    So a lot of what you are doing seems to be dealing with the fatigue symptom, as well as specific MS issues. A lot of people with many conditions might find this useful – maybe make the fatigue issue more prominent in the header/ search keys? Even a separate tab or section for it?

  3. I stumbled across your site while researching MS. My sister was just recently diagnosed with it – (she’s in her late 40s) and I’ve been on the hunt for as much information on it every since.

    Kudos to you on your strong attitude.


    PS – I just noticed that you wrote this on August 2011. Are you still taking singing lessons?

    • I actually just started again over Skype, with the teacher I had when I was taking lessons in Vancouver! Maybe one of these days I’ll overcome my self-criticism and actually post a video or something lol!

  4. Hi Tanya, thanks for taking the time to read through my extraordinary posts – and to follow! Welcome to my world- and thank you for letting us take part in yours! Of what I read so far I must say, what a strong and amazing woman you are! Happy writing to you! I will keep on reading more about your ‘stuff’.

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