MS Foundation E-Magazine – Awesome!

The MS Foundation in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has a great online magazine called MS Focus. They publish a new magazine four times a year, and all the magazines are accessible from the same page!


I especially love the first article about small changes leading to big improvement. It’s in the Winter 2013 Issue. I love the idea of baby steps, because they’re small, non-threatening steps you can actually take right now, and baby steps in sequence can still lead to something huge.

REMEMBER: You don’t have to figure out everything right now. You only need to know what you want to do NEXT!

So what’s your next baby step?


Information on the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America – A Vimeo Video Series

Aaah crap and again the video’s not there… the links below should all work though, and all the MS Associations have amazing programs and information.


I found these amazing videos on Vimeo, which means they’re publicly available and totally legal for me to post here on my blog (for as long as they’re up, anyway lol!)

This seems to be the last video of the series, and it’s got contact info for the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America and some other interesting links. I’ve posted the click-able links as well as info on contacting the MS Society of Canada below the video.

Please watch, enjoy, and comment!


6. Where To Find More Information About MS from Michael Yonchenko on Vimeo.

This is final part in the series, “An Introduction To Multiple Sclerosis”.


Here are the links, they’ll open in new windows for you – watch the video for the blurbs on what they all are, or just click and explore!

The Multiple Sclerosis Association of America

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society (United States) turns into this site (it’s a redirect): Can Do Multiple Sclerosis

MS Friends Peer Telephone Support

The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation

National Family Caregivers Association

The Well Spouse Foundation


The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada

MS Society of Canada Scholarship Program

Well, darn! The video is no longer available. Sigh. Well, donate to the MS Society anyway, and I’ll try to find more (current) info on this program. Grrr.


This is amazing! I had no idea that the MS Society of Canada has a scholarship program for people or families with MS. Since the condition can be debilitating on so many levels, it’s excellent to see the Society working with Billy Talent and Friends to help people who may not otherwise be able to afford post-secondary classes. I’m so proud of the MS Society! And of Aaron Solowoniuk, the drummer for Billy Talent, who worked with the MS Society to set up the scholarship program. Take THAT, MS!

Project for Awesome – Youtube-er against MS

Caution: Fluffee drops the F-bomb in this video so if you are offended by the F-word DON’T WATCH the video. Just go to the link I’ve posted below to donate to the MS Society of Canada directly if you want to help support their efforts against MS.



I love “Project for Awesome!” Fluffee is a bit of a goof but he does a good job of laying out how MS can affect people’s lives. I wonder if he’s sold his piece of chair yet? Or the beanie lol?

If you want to donate directly to the MS Society of Canada, click the link below to be taken directly to their donation page. It’ll pop up in a new window. Spend some time checking out the rest of their awesome site while you’re there, too!

Click here to donate to the MS Society of Canada directly

How to Talk to Others About Your Multiple Sclerosis Condition

I heartily agree with what Christopher Jacoby has to say in this post. Take a look, read my comments after the post, and let me know what you think by leaving a “comment” of your own:


The first step in being prepared to deal with people reactions of your Multiple Sclerosis is by understanding your own condition. If you want people to understand your health problem, you’re the one that should educate them. Continue reading