I’ve been using a program called “Neuro-Programmer” from Transparent Corporation for years. When I was working, it helped me get through a 10 hour day in front of my computer at work, and just to generally help boost my energy levels. I find it works better to help keep me focused than my SAD light-box does. They have a very good information page here on brainwave entrainment and how their products work – just click the link below to have the information pop up in a new window:

How Brainwave Entrainment Works

Personally, I bought and downloaded their Neuro-Programmer software, and I’ve been using it to create very simple audios that I just put on low at work and play them on repeat all day. I haven’t really experimented with their software (I know it does FAR more than I’ve been using it for) and all I’ve done is select “beach” ambient sounds and the “SAD program” for one audio and “Caffeine Replacement” for the other. So I sit at work pretending I’m at a beach, listening to the sound of the surf crashing in and out, and the call of sea birds, and generally enjoying being reminded of sun when I haven’t seen any for ages, while enjoying enough of a boost in energy that I’m not completely drained by the end of the day. Click on the “Transparent Corporation” box below for more information on their amazing products. Their new one does visualizations too! I can’t wait to play with it!


I thought it might be useful to have access to actual medical professionals at this site. I’m NOT a medical professional, so any questions I get asked about specific medical stuff I tend to either say “ask your Doctor next time you see her/him” or “check out my Resources page and go to ASK THE DOCTOR to type in your question.”



Here are some articles from Medical News Today about Multiple Sclerosis:


Or you can look for other information. They have article links for literally hundreds of conditions.


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