MS Society of Canada Scholarship Program

Well, darn! The video is no longer available. Sigh. Well, donate to the MS Society anyway, and I’ll try to find more (current) info on this program. Grrr.


This is amazing! I had no idea that the MS Society of Canada has a scholarship program for people or families with MS. Since the condition can be debilitating on so many levels, it’s excellent to see the Society working with Billy Talent and Friends to help people who may not otherwise be able to afford post-secondary classes. I’m so proud of the MS Society! And of Aaron Solowoniuk, the drummer for Billy Talent, who worked with the MS Society to set up the scholarship program. Take THAT, MS!

How Expensive is MS?


I am so spoiled, so incredibly lucky. I am involved a clinical trial for MS and that means I don’t have to pay for my medication. At the beginning of the trial, I asked one of my nurses how much something like this would cost, if I had to pay out-of-pocket, if I wasn’t involved in the study. She told me about $80,000.00 and I thought my eyes were going to pop out of my head. I’ve lived in houses that cost less than that!

My heart breaks for Jason Da Silva, and once again I don’t understand the American Health Care system. Why do they feel so threatened by a system like we have in Canada? What’s so awful about allowing people access to free (or at least subsidized) medical care? Why do so many American people and corporations seem to think Obama is the devil for wanting to create a system like ours, in the US? If you have any ideas, tell me, because I’d sure like to understand.

Project for Awesome – Youtube-er against MS

Caution: Fluffee drops the F-bomb in this video so if you are offended by the F-word DON’T WATCH the video. Just go to the link I’ve posted below to donate to the MS Society of Canada directly if you want to help support their efforts against MS.



I love “Project for Awesome!” Fluffee is a bit of a goof but he does a good job of laying out how MS can affect people’s lives. I wonder if he’s sold his piece of chair yet? Or the beanie lol?

If you want to donate directly to the MS Society of Canada, click the link below to be taken directly to their donation page. It’ll pop up in a new window. Spend some time checking out the rest of their awesome site while you’re there, too!

Click here to donate to the MS Society of Canada directly

How to Live Abundantly with MS


The more research I do into MS the more personal Heroes I find. How amazing to know that there are so many people out there who do not consider themselves “victims” of a disease, who don’t lose hope, who still love themselves and their lives even when facing issues that might emotionally cripple other people. The author of this article is “planning her next remission” while lying in bed during a relapse. How amazing is she?! Read what she has to say and let me know what you think by hitting the “comment” link below.


Living Life Fully and Abundantly with MS

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