Woot! I’m Featured on Another Blog!

This is so cool – I’ve connected with another lady who has MS and runs a fantastic site at http://www.brassandivory.org. (Don’t worry – if you click it’ll open up in a new window and you can still look around here later.)

Anyway, she links other blogs to her site, and she linked me! How cool is that? She also runs the “Carnival of MS Bloggers – a bi-weekly compendium of thoughts and experiences shared by those living with multiple sclerosis” (her quote) that I’ve submitted an article for.

This is her blog past linking “new MS bloggers” to her site:

Brass and Ivory – my shout out!

This may seem narcissistic, linking from my blog to another blog about my blog, (say that five times fast) but it just made me feel really good about reaching out to people with my blog, and knowing there are people out there who appreciate it. So yay!


One thought on “Woot! I’m Featured on Another Blog!

  1. How many times can you type blog without it being bad? LOL I am so happy for you! You are a wonderful person and I am blessed to have met you! You will help so many people with your words and information about MS! Your positive and uplifting spirit is very much needed in the lives of all of us and especially for those that have these health challenges. A great big shout out for Brass and Ivory from me too.
    My thanks to you again for you being you and for all you do for those with Multiple Scleroses! You Rock!
    Much Love,

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