Musical Monday – Ave Maria (Bach-Gounod)

Hello on this incredibly snowy Musical Monday!

I’m getting braver! Here’s a recording of me actually performing the Bach-Gounod Ave Maria in Church for their Jubilee celebration, three nights ago. I got sick a few weeks ago and haven’t quite recovered yet, but now that this celebration is over I can maybe relax and sleep. For a year or so. Or at least until I feel human again. Crappy compromised immune system!

Anyway, this was a “Damn the MS and just do it” situation for me. I had made the commitment, so it didn’t matter how I felt, I just practiced and practiced and then performed, and I’m pretty proud of how it sounds. I wouldn’t want to be in this kind of situation very often, but I proved to myself that… just maybe, I’m more capable than I give myself credit for. Kinda cool!

And yes, it really is snowing at the end of April. It’s been snowing on and off for days. I’d rather have snow than flooding, but I *would* like to see the ground at some point. And, you know, summer and stuff.




3 thoughts on “Musical Monday – Ave Maria (Bach-Gounod)

  1. Ava Maria is so beautiful. What a wonderful job! Every time I hear it I am reminded of how holy God is. I was in choir when I was a young girl and I am suddenly taken back to my chorus director saying those crazy things about how to keep your mouth in the proper place. “Hot potato” “Send the sound through the top of your head.” It’s no wonder I became a writer because I could never sing like you or figure out what on earth she was talking about. lol

    • Hahaha I remember the “hot potato”! I mentioned the concept (similar to “singing around an egg” or whatever) to my voice teacher and she had NO idea what I was talking about, she thought it was crazy!

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